Super Fantastic Terrific Show #18 – Project Almanac & Time Travel Movies

This time on the podcast we watched Project Almanac and discuss time travel movies.

Check out these poetic movie reviews by Andy below.

World of Warcraft
So sucky, green skin
So sucky, snaggletooth
Let’s play this video game with no controller
We will lose.

Independence Day
Part 2? Why?
Shut up Goldbloom. Too good for
Fly 2 Fly 2! That movie sucked because of you.
Mr. President you look like hell
Hey hero! Mom still working that brass pole? Like, stop slut shaming her! Amber yells
But the shame and the blame belong to Uncle Ned.
School Bus full of kids? No you don’t say. But that dude drives a taxi!
I don’t know don’t show and don’t care about the aliens. I hope they win!
Part 2? Why?

Now You See Me 2
Presto! My 1050 has gone. Presto! Here is your change o
But in the blink of an eye.
A decent movie.
Diouloge snappy FX not crappy
Hoodie boy Hoodie boy turn to tears
Woody boy Woody Boy drink some beers. Your magic soothes my soul.
A new horse woman has captured…. My heart. And All at once a rabbit is pulled from my still shaking top hat.
Alacazam! My popcorn disappears. Ta-da! I need more soda. I’d go to the lobby, but this, I gotta see.

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